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Officer Elections at November 10th Meeting

Our bylaws state that the treasurer, membership coordinator and event coordinator are elected each year. The president serves for two years and can be elected for only 2 total consecutive terms. 2023 will be Sarah's second year.

The Treasurer's job includes: Collecting dues, other financial responsibilities associated with National Modern Quilt Guild, events and/or meetings (including Annual Retreat)

The Membership Coordinator job includes: New member recruitment, welcoming new members, maintenance of website and other social media as necessary (Facebook, Instagram, group website, etc.)

The Events Coordinator job includes: Responsible for planning activities outside of regular meetings (Annual Retreat, swaps, challenges, etc.) The Events Coordinator can delegate and utilize committees as necessary.

We will hold elections at the November 10th meeting. Here are your curret officers:

  • Treasurer: Marsha Conley

  • Membership Coordinator: Ellen Coker and Chrystal Gates

  • Events Coordinator: Melissa Kwak

If you would like to add your name to the ballot, please complete this survey

by November 5th.

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