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2023 Traveling Bee - Join us!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Bee Mamas, Julie Wilson and Bethanne Stolte, are excited to announce the 2023 Fort Collins Modern Quilt Guild Traveling Bee “Hives”!!!!

Bee-hind the Cutting Wheel Traveling Bee is geared for that guilt member who is looking to improve their sewing and quilt block construction skills. It will focus on creating at least two 12.5 inch quilt blocks per month by using free or traditional block patterns or using a technique or construction instruction (Example: Maria Shell’s triangles). Each participant will provide one or more patterns or printed instructions obtained from websites, books, etc. They will also provide their color preferences in the form of specific selections, a color palette, and/or a “mother” fabric.

Hold My Ruler Traveling Bee is improvisation focused meaning no commercially available patterns or designs can be used. Also, NO RULERS are allowed-everything should be FREE HAND CUT ONLY. Each quilter sets a theme, color palette, inspirations, and any other rules. Then the group makes improv blocks based on the theme and details provided. A minimum of 432 square inches (or the equivalent of three 12-inch blocks) will be created for the projects. The resulting quilts will be collaborative compositions of blocks from the same group of quilters and each quilt will be a unique creation.

The Hives will be grouped and/or divided so that Traveling Bees will be completed during 2023. Both Hives will utilize plastic boxes or extra large Ziploc bags which will be passed each month. Participants will have the same person handing off to them (HANDer) and will pass their box to the same person (HANDee) to avoid confusion and foster new friendships.

Want to sign up? Use this link to the Google document. Can't print? Make a copy, save it with your name and email it to:

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