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Literature Review On Employee Skills

This paper attempts to review and summarize previous research results on employee engagement. Two kinds of definitions of employee engagement are identified: employee engagement as a multi-faceted.

  • Levenson and Zoghi (2010) also argue that jobs need to be classified correctly as each job or occupation requires a specific set of skills and knowledge, which allows the individual to master the specific tasks of that job.The mastery of occupation specific skills is one of the determinants used to establish a benefits package.

  • 8 Workforce skills development and engagement in training through skill sets: literature review . will be important to explore separately the notion of skill sets as a ‘building block’ to an initial qualification and the notion that skill sets are a useful adjunct to qualifications already gained, a perspective for which there is wider support.

  • The study reveals that the employee job satisfaction and contentment is very crucial aspects for organizational development, employee productivity, employee commitment, quality of work and many...

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