March Hybrid Bee Blocks

Karen is Queen Bee for March, and she is working on an Adventure Awaits camping and hiking themed quilt. She is looking for blocks that feature woodland critters, camping, campers, hiking, trees, and the like. Traditional, paper-pieced, and improv blocks are welcome.

The quilt will use a 6×6-inch grid, finished.¬†Blocks can be square or rectangular, as long as the finished version fits into a 6×6 grid. Unfinished block sizes: 6.5×6.5, 6.5×12.5, 6.5×18.5, 6.5×24.5, 12.5×12.5, 12.5×18.5, 12.5×24.5, 18.5×18.5, 18.5×24.5, 24.5×24.5, etc. Aim for about 332 square inches in total.

Karen would like a color scheme that uses cheerful brights and warm woodland-inspired shades. Please avoid using a lot of black or red. See fabric examples below:

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