March, 2020 Hybrid Bee Information

Chrystal Gates is our Queen Bee for March.

Chrystal would like for everyone to help her recreate a special crocheted blanket from her childhood.

  • Construction consists of 2.5″ squares, to make a 12.5″ unfinished block (after she trims the black border).
  • She would like for everyone to use four solid colors per block and Kona Black for the outside ring.
  • She requests, also, that you do not use any prints nor textured-looking fabrics.
  • Chrystal thinks that it will be great for everyone to mix-up colors within each block and not try to coordinate or plan out a set of four colors.
  • She is happy to provide the Kona Black if you need some.

Please get in touch with her (@thechrystalgates) so you can arrange getting some Kona Black from her if you do not have any.

She wants to make a king-size quilt, so feel free to sew as many of these blocks as you would like!!!

Final words: Do not square-up the block as she will trim them down when she sews her blocks together.

WORD ON THE STREET: “Chrystal wants you to use only KONA BLACK, not just any black!!!”

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