For 2018, we decided on a hydrid between our traditional monthly block bee, and our free form traveling quilt bee, which we are calling our hybrid bee. Here is how it will generally work:

Each person will be Queen Bee for one month. for the meeting at the start of their month, they will get to decide what sort of blocks people need to make. Now this is where the hybrid part comes in. This person could choose to do a traditional monthly bee and assign a specific block that everyone will do, or they can decide not to do that, and just make loose guidelines as they see fit for the sort of quilt they want. For example, these would all be valid ways a Queen Bee could give direction for their month:

1) Alice decides she likes a traditional block bee, so she asked everyone to make her 12.5″ churn dash blocks in pinks and purples, with low volume backgrounds.

2) Betty wants something more similar to the travelling quilt results, so he decides he wants to be very open, and asks people to do any block they like, in any size, using a color palette inspired by Tula Pink All Stars.
3) Emily wants something in between – where she likes some variety in blocks, but wants the quilt to be easy to assemble, so she asks for 10.5″ blocks of any pattern, and she wants them scrappy.

4) Virginia really loves paper pieced blocks, so she decides to ask people to make her 12.5″ paper pieced blocks.

Then, the blocks for the Queen Bee’s quilt are due at the next month’s meeting. If someone can’t make it to a meeting, it is their responsibility to mail or deliver the blocks to the Queen Bee as soon as they can thereafter.

We do want everyone to be able to have useful size quilt top at the end of the bee, so we have established a guideline as to an approximate “minimum” square inch that each person should target, to make sure everyone gets to have a decent sized quilt. Forour current participants, this minimum is 332 square inches or so.

By signing up for the bee, participants have committed to participating in the entire bee duration – which is 14 months, including the one month we take a break in December. We ask participants to honor this commitment, as we want to make sure those whose months fall near the end of the bee get as nice and large a quilt as the person who gets to go first. If a participant absolutely has to remove themself from the bee, it is their responsibility to find a replacement.

Please be sure to share all your wonderful blocks with us on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag them #hybridbee and #fcmqg!

March: Hanna
April: Robbin
May: Scarlet
June: Sally
July: Pam
August: Becky
September: Carmen
October: Sarah J
November: Minnow
December: BREAK
January 2019: Carol
February 2019: Chrystal
March 2019: Karen
April 2019: Katie E