Fundraiser Quilt

Over the last few meetings, we have decided as a group to make a fundraiser quilt used to help raise funds for our quilt show coming in September. This money helps pay for the space, so we can continue to offer these shows free of charge.

The quilt below is what we have selected as a quilt to create as a group. The idea is to create these blocks, inspired by our guild logo, using log cabin style construction, with the outer logs always being white/low volume. You may use solids, or prints that read as one color, sticking to the color scheme of these blocks. Blocks should be 12.5″ x 12.5″ unfinished, which is 12″ x 12″ finished. We’re intentionally not providing exact cutting measurements, as I think that some variation as people approximate the ratios of the blocks will make the quilt more interesting than all exactly precisely the same.
We’re asking members if they might consider completing one of each of the 3 block designs in this quilt in order to have enough blocks, but if folks can’t complete that many, or if folks want to help and make more, any number is helpful. These are due at the May meeting next month (or you can simply mail them, contact [email protected] for an address). If you have time to help, but just don’t have any appropriate fabric in stash, you are welcome to come and use some fabric from Kelsey’s stash, just email her at [email protected].

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